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Apr 2017

Name and Age: Nik Wearsch; Age – 37

How did you get started at CrossFit TriPoint?
I would see people running outside while driving north on 44, and one day I just decided to stop in to see what CrossFit Tripoint was about.

How long have you been CrossFitting?
Almost 2 years

In the past month, what is your biggest accomplishment at CrossFit TriPoint?
Bar Muscle Ups

Overall, what is your biggest accomplishment at CrossFit?
Getting into the gym consistently 5 days per week (and on occasion 6 days if I don’t have anything going on Saturday morning)

How has CrossFit TriPoint changed your life?
Like most people, I spend more time working than focusing on my health.  I knew I had to do something different with my life because I just didn’t feel good physically, that’s why I decided to stop in one day.  I didn’t realize that crossfitting is more than just exercise; it conditions your mind to tackle many aspects of life due to the intensity of the workouts.  The workouts have helped transform my body, but the group of people at CrossFit Tripoint have expanded upon my commitment of feeling healthy.  For over a year, I didn’t take crossfitting seriously (read: only going 2-3 days per week); I ignored how important my actions outside of the gym impacted my ability to push my body and mind in the gym.  The people at CrossFit Tripoint have shown me ways to support my crossfitting goals through mobility exercises, proper nutrition and supplemental needs.  After finishing each and every workout, you realize your body can withstand the activity, but focusing on the process, not the results is the most important aspect (compliments to Coach EZ).

What are your future CrossFit goals?
I think about this a lot.  I want to be able to do all workouts RX (or RX+) and keep pace with someone 10 years younger.  Realistically, I want to finish within a minute or two of someone 10 years younger.  Specifically, I want to complete Ring Muscle Ups.  Lastly, I want to beat Matt Danis in a mile run.

What advice do you have for new CrossFitters?
Find someone that is slightly more in shape than you and workout next to them every time.  You will get in better shape; then workout next to someone else that is a little more ahead of you.  Continue this pattern.  If you don’t know how to do a movement, practice every day for a few minutes.  Start with lighter weights during the workouts, then build up to the RX weights.  Get mentally prepared before each workout, then envision yourself progressing through them and where you will need to tell yourself that you will finish. Mobility is more important than strength, so stretch outside of the gym as much as possible.   Finally, remember everyone around you is pushing for your success and we all started at the same place you find yourself today; if you dedicate yourself to crossfitting, you can’t imagine how much better you’ll feel in a year.