CrossFit TriPoint is not just a CrossFit box.  We offer an array of fitness services to meet the needs of most individuals. We have classes for people of all ages, skill, and fitness levels. Further, we offer personal training with qualified and educated trainers to those seeking 1 on 1 attention. Listed below is a list of services we currently offer.

Constantly varied, high intensity exercise classes focused on metabolic conditioning, strength training, and injury prevention techniques. Classes are one hour in length and every workout is scalable to all skill levels. Please visit our website for package details and scheduling.  Please click for pricing

Good health starts in the kitchen, we are here to help. We have full blown daily nutrition coaching using Precision Nutrition’s Pro Coach software. Our coaches are Precision Nutrition certified and ready and willing to help you reach your goals. 6 month and 12 month packages are available.

Includes 3 introductory classes which assess basic fundamentals to prepare for regular CrossFit classes. Each class is one hour in length and times are flexible based on athlete’s schedule. Price=$50.

1 hour personal training based on the clients goals. Our personal trainers can assist with weight loss, getting back to exercise after an injury, Olympic weightlifting technique, or improving your overall CrossFit skills.

CrossFit Kids class focuses on teaching kids to be fit and healthy while having fun.  Kids in grades K-6 are taught fundamental movements to prepare them for safety in sports and functional fitness in life.  CrossFit Kids focuses on making workouts fun, so that kids develop a lifelong love of fitness and activity.  All workouts are scalable so that any child can participate.  CrossFit Kids classes are run by a certified CrossFit Kids trainer and licensed teacher.

This class focuses on strength and conditioning for middle school and high school kids. We focus on teaching proper fundamental movement patterns which translates to sports or general movement. Exercise adds so many benefits to teens inside and outside the gym.

We offer a class 2 days a week to supplement marathon or race training. Research has shown that strength and HIIT workouts twice a week can improve muscular endurance during long distance runs. Class meets Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 9am. Classes are 1 hour in length and are geared toward beginners to intermediate CrossFit.